Sunday, 20 December 2015

UNDER the blanket ....


Under the blanket.

you want to hide.

Between darkness and light,

you see no divide.

Hunger and thirst, to you,

seem alike.

Your senses,

 fail to sieve,

sadness from remorse,

dullness from disgust,

pain from injury.

So, all together,

in harmony,

kick and trick,

till numbness wins,

and you continue to be,

yet not be !


Wednesday, 15 April 2015



Out of the vivid wonders of life,
Shines out this, from the ageing folds of one corner,
Three weds one to make a four, a whole,
A complete square, goes roll, roll
A circle within a circle,
This, that is, sits there, right in,
Whence, none know, this, that is, tore itself from the corner,
And build a fortress, in the heart of the heart,
Mottling every color, scarring every hue,
Strangling good and freeing the evil.
All perceptions now will be,
Scanned and processed by this’s lens.
How can it be now,
 that we be free,
we be what we ought to be,
yet free are we,
to choose and revert,
to scamper away from this, that is,
and rise up to where we once were:
become HUMAN again!

Friday, 6 February 2015

sister! I LOVE YOU....

Relationships are strings that wring you asunder if stretched and sing a melody if relaxed. And if it be blood that cements them, then nothing in the wide wide world can be as beautiful.


I cannot see
I want not to see,
So do not let me see,
Her haggard face.
I can reach inside,
Her pain will travel across,
And sear me,
I fear.
I want not to know,
What bruised her gay poise,
What smut her contagious smile,
What plagued her little dreams.
Not knowing is bliss,
Let me live this dream,
I want not to die,
I have to travel miles,
And know she’s beside,
Like always,
A mountain,
A flower,
A hope forever.
We have travelled years together,
laughed and cried together,
lived a life together.
Let me see her this way,
Just this way!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A MOther... I am.

When you weren't around I yearned for holding your little hands, caressing your vibrant forehead and tickling your tiny feet. I loved you when you were not even a teeny dot, in my dreams. I thought of you when nothing material and earth-like surrounded your playful soul. Such is the love God deposits in our hearts; such is He, love and love throughout.
Touch me, and make me know,
It’s not a dream, I am in,
Your presence, your whimper,
My world it is, my world complete.

So sweet, so pure,
so heavenly to be true,
in me, you were,
by God kept,
a pearl in a shell,
so secure!
With desperate words,
I had asked HIM for thee,
how desolate sans you,
life would have been.
Today when I hold you,
kiss you,
no pleasure can equate,
this moment, so divine!
Generous Thy art, plenty!
A mother of me….
with LOVE,
Thou crafted!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A new-comer

Lonely, on road to new lands,
I move, with horses, swift and gallant,
I am hope, the survivor,

I live to conquer, to rise higher.

Down in the muddy streams,
I breathe out lofty dreams,
I am wish, the industrious farmer,
I live to grow, to spread farther.

Fluttering in the womb of a mother,
I survive, oblivious of every danger,
I am life, an untainted new-comer,

I live to love, to wish, to hope.

Friday, 21 February 2014

UR LovE !!!

Your love dwells inside me,
Like a little white pearl in a shell,
Like a dewdrop, caressing a dry window frame,
Like a twinkle, resting over an elegant jewel,
Like a grain of sand, glistening on a desert sand,
Like a smile retiring, in evenings cool embrace,
Like a prayer, waiting to enter God’s land,
Like a leaf, twirling in the proud winds face,
Like a seed, burgeoning in natures warm care,
Like a dream, sneaking into the greens of paradise,
Like a wish, kissing the fringes of futures hardware,
Like a life, waiting to survive every sunrise!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013



Unloved I remained, when love I needed the most.

Your embrace when sought, emptiness I met,

your warmth when craved, loneliness I found,

life’s rude ways, changed my days, my months,

my innocent dreams, of U and I,

my childish games, of laughter and smiles,

my life inside U, and yours within me,

nothing, no longer, never again,

can be what it had to be,

the waves have left the shore,

the promises they brought,

far away, have gone,

the love that once,

roaring tides did kick,

is silent and numb,

deaf and dumb,

today is another day,

yesterday was another,

tomorrow, I know not,

if ever, shall we live,

to find the love,

we have lost.