Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A new-comer

Lonely, on road to new lands,
I move, with horses, swift and gallant,
I am hope, the survivor,

I live to conquer, to rise higher.

Down in the muddy streams,
I breathe out lofty dreams,
I am wish, the industrious farmer,
I live to grow, to spread farther.

Fluttering in the womb of a mother,
I survive, oblivious of every danger,
I am life, an untainted new-comer,

I live to love, to wish, to hope.


  1. its Lovely! full of emotions and depth.

    For verily the New Comer is indeed blessed with the best of the worlds.

  2. Thanks for sharing, reminds me of a Burqan (horse with wings) come have a look at Tabdhir - The prohibition of spending wastefully

  3. This is rather incredible. I really love the depth of this. It personifies "life" :)

  4. Salatul Hajaat - When wanting help from Allah