Sunday, 16 November 2014

A MOther... I am.

When you weren't around I yearned for holding your little hands, caressing your vibrant forehead and tickling your tiny feet. I loved you when you were not even a teeny dot, in my dreams. I thought of you when nothing material and earth-like surrounded your playful soul. Such is the love God deposits in our hearts; such is He, love and love throughout.
Touch me, and make me know,
It’s not a dream, I am in,
Your presence, your whimper,
My world it is, my world complete.

So sweet, so pure,
so heavenly to be true,
in me, you were,
by God kept,
a pearl in a shell,
so secure!
With desperate words,
I had asked HIM for thee,
how desolate sans you,
life would have been.
Today when I hold you,
kiss you,
no pleasure can equate,
this moment, so divine!
Generous Thy art, plenty!
A mother of me….
with LOVE,
Thou crafted!!


  1. Beautiful!!

    So is your cute little boy :)

    he even doesnt know anything about this.....i pray whenever he reads this or comes to know about it he understands the essence and always be the coolness of your eyes,

  2. Wow this is so beautiful and touching. Reading this made my morning.