Friday, 6 February 2015

sister! I LOVE YOU....

Relationships are strings that wring you asunder if stretched and sing a melody if relaxed. And if it be blood that cements them, then nothing in the wide wide world can be as beautiful.


I cannot see
I want not to see,
So do not let me see,
Her haggard face.
I can reach inside,
Her pain will travel across,
And sear me,
I fear.
I want not to know,
What bruised her gay poise,
What smut her contagious smile,
What plagued her little dreams.
Not knowing is bliss,
Let me live this dream,
I want not to die,
I have to travel miles,
And know she’s beside,
Like always,
A mountain,
A flower,
A hope forever.
We have travelled years together,
laughed and cried together,
lived a life together.
Let me see her this way,
Just this way!


  1. I simply have no words to explain my feelings!
    Full of has also made me relate to the relationships you have a different way!

    1. Thank you . Your comments are always valued .