Tuesday, 17 December 2013



Unloved I remained, when love I needed the most.

Your embrace when sought, emptiness I met,

your warmth when craved, loneliness I found,

life’s rude ways, changed my days, my months,

my innocent dreams, of U and I,

my childish games, of laughter and smiles,

my life inside U, and yours within me,

nothing, no longer, never again,

can be what it had to be,

the waves have left the shore,

the promises they brought,

far away, have gone,

the love that once,

roaring tides did kick,

is silent and numb,

deaf and dumb,

today is another day,

yesterday was another,

tomorrow, I know not,

if ever, shall we live,

to find the love,

we have lost.


  1. Beautifully written :)

    Things need to be lost, before they can be found.